METRO THERM has been producing water heaters for Danish homes for more than 100 years, and our customers value us for our dependable high quality – down to the smallest detail. Our products are built to last for years – often decades – without problems. The hot water heaters are easy to service, and their design is an ideal fit for utility and technical rooms.

Electric water heaters

METRO THERM’s electric water heaters produce domestic hot water for the kitchen and bathroom. An electric water heater provides hot water even in the absence of a central heating system. As long as you have a water supply and electricity, an electric water heater provides a steady supply of domestic hot water. This makes it an ideal solution for your holiday home, allotment garden or annex. They atr available in a variety of sizes

How does an electric water heater work?

Electric water heaters use an electric heating element, with the temperature controlled steplessly from 10 to about 65°C by a built-in thermostat. Inside, the tank is lined with METRO THERM’s special enamel, which prevents corrosion and bacterial growth – protecting you from harmful organisms such as Legionella. The external cabinet is white and timeless in design – its impact-proof coating is both robust and easy to clean.

Our electric water heaters are available in sizes from 14 to 288 litres and fit into all standard Danish units.

Guaranteed spare parts availability

A METRO THERM hot water heater comes with the peace of mind of spare parts availability. We guarantee that spare parts will remain available for at least 10 years from your date of purchase.

We manufacture all of our hot water heaters at our factory in Helsinge, and they are compliant with current Danish legislation. They are all labelled and manufactured in accordance with the Danish Energy Agency’s guidelines.

All of our hot water heaters share at least one thing – their classic, streamlined design, by the renowned Danish designer Niels Wibroe. They have smooth, powder-coated surfaces, making them easy to clean – and they will retain their good looks for many years.

Benefits of a METRO THERM electric water heater

  • 5-year anti-corrosion warranty
  • 10-year spare parts guarantee
  • Lower power consumption – the electric water heater is fully insulated with high-performance polyurethane foam, which ensures low heat loss.
  • Long service life – the quality materials, Danish craftsmanship and measurable, replaceable anode all make the electric water heater highly durable.
  • Rapid and stable water heating
  • Hygienic hot water every day – with automatic protection against Legionella
  • Quick installation – one mounting bracket, two water pipes and one electric cable, and the water heater is up and running
  • Made to fit into all Danish standard units