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METRO THERM sells its products via wholesalers. Since the products require authorisation to install, we are unable to advise and assist private customers.

Sales of and advice concerning METRO THERM products to private customers must therefore take place through authorised installers or wholesalers.


Rundinsvej 55
3200 Helsinge

Tel: +45 48 77 00 00

CVR: 20567112

For questions about products, prices or servicing, please contact us at: [email protected]
For other enquiries: [email protected]

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 07:30-16:00
Friday 07:30-14:00

Goods delivery and pickup

Goods delivery:

Ammendrupvej 14
3200 Helsinge

Goods pickup:

Ammendrupvej 16
3200 Helsinge

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 07:00-15:30
Friday 07:00-11:00

The international team

Christian Brydensholt

Sales and marketing director

[email protected]

Mahmut Kuyulu

Team Manager, International sales and support

[email protected]

Michael Jessen

International sales and support

[email protected]

Inge-Marie Petersen

International sales and support

[email protected]


Rundinsvej 55
DK-3200 Helsinge

Phone: (+45) 48 77 00 00
E-mail: [email protected]

CVR-nr : 20567112


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