Does your electric water heater know your habits?

Our electrical appliances are getting smarter and smarter and there area lot of benefits to an electric water heater that knows your habits.

Are you the last one in the family to shower in the morning? Do you have an electric water heater? Then you have probably tried to rinse the shampoo out of your hair with cold water because the hot water is used up midway through bath. Wouldn't it be nice if the water heater knew how much water you use - and when? And adapted to your habits? That is actually possible. METRO THERM has developed an intelligent control - Smart Control - for electric water heaters in private households.

The basic concept behind Smart Control is the fact that the water heater continuously registers the family’s consumption pattern from the previous 7 days and adapts the production of hot water accordingly.

In this way, it knows that there should be plenty of hot water for bathing in the morning, but nothing during the day on weekdays, when everyone is out of the house. When you return home in the afternoon, it has once again heated water for doing laundry, cooking and doing the dishes.

Kvinde vasker hænder

The advantage is not only that you do not have to stand under a cold shower. You also save energy as you avoid heating water when you don’t need it. In fact, you can save up to 12% energy with Smart Control compared to a traditional thermostatically controlled electric water heater. This is good for both the electricity bill and the environment.

Takes spontaneous baths into account

Now you might be thinking: Well, don’t we risk running out of hot water if we one day shower at a different time than usual? And yes, in the real world, few families have routines that are completely fixed. But this is taken into account: Smart Control lets you choose between 4 comfort levels. Level 1 is all about actual consumption, and this is where you can save the most energy - but can also be met by cold water if you stray from your usual consumption pattern.

If you turn up to comfort level 2, 3 or 4, the corresponding additional water will be heated to cover the natural fluctuations that may be in a household consumption. Just try it out until you find the level that suits your household.

Protects against frost, bacteria and curious fingers

If it suits your needs better for a period of time, it is possible to adjust the temperature of the water heater manually, which is similar to a traditional thermostat control. When you go on vacation or away from the house, you can switch the water heater to holiday mode. Then no water is heated, but the water heater maintains a constant temperature of 6 degrees to protect against frost.

The intelligent water heater also protects against legionella bacteria. If something happens to induce an environment in the tank, where legionella bacteria can thrive, all the water is heated to 65 degrees until all bacteria have died. Finally, families with young children will surely appreciate the child lock that locks the settings on the control panel.