METRO Microbooster and PVT panels in ELFORSK project

In collaboration with COWI and the communications agency Rubrik, we are in the process of developing a completely new and ground-breaking solar cell solution combined with our new METRO Microbooster heat pump.

The purpose of the project is to test how a domestic hot water heat pump such as the Microbooster can work with solar cells, where the solar cells will produce electricity and the Microbooster hot water. This type of installation will be especially suitable in new constructions and in residential areas where the roofs need renovations, where you can install the new PVT panels and Microboosters at the same time. This will mean both a greener building and give each resident more individual control .

The experimental setup is being set up here at our address in Helsinge, and you can keep up with the project's development on this part of our website.