Easy and fast support with new online control of heat pumps

Do you know the feeling? It's Friday afternoon, and the weekend is just around the corner. Best as you see yourself with the barbecue tongs in one hand, a cold beer in the other and a peaceful smile on your lip ... the phone rings. They have no hot water out on Vibevej 12 and the customer begs you to come by. Before four o'clock.

It's probably just a matter of pushing a few buttons, you think, and you're annoyed that you'll now have to drive 2x40 minutes for it. But what if you didn't have to drive at all? If you could just press the few buttons and turn the hot water on out at your customer’s house – from your computer at home?

MyUpway is a new online service that allows you to get a complete overview of the heat pumps functionality, screen for errors and adjust the system – anytime, anywhere. With MyUpway, customers can easily connect the heat pump to the Internet - or you do it for them as an extra service. The customer can now access the system via the secure and user-friendly portal, and can give the installer access to troubleshoot and adjust the heat pump.

Mand peger på blå skærm

The new online service gives you, as an installer, a tool that allows you to offer customers even better and faster support than before - while also avoiding unnecessary travel and emergency visits in your already busy day.

If the error still requires a visit to the customer, you have already found out what the problem is from your computer or tablet. You now have a better idea of ​​whether something is urgent and what spare parts you need.

So, it becomes easier and more efficient for you to give your customers a quick solution to any problems with their heat pump.

No need for repeat visits when the system needs adjustments

Also when adjusting the heat pump, online access is a great advantage. If the customer experiences the house as too hot or too cold, it may not be because of an actual fault. Maybe the heat pump just needs a fine-tuning to suit the house – as all houses are different. One stands on a wind-blown hilltop - another in a densely built residential neighborhood - and sometimes it requires repeated adjustments of the system to hit the optimum indoor climate.

With the new online access you can help your customer easily, painlessly and from your computer, so that the heat pump settings exactly match their house and the indoor climate is completely optimal.

It ensures your customer's comfort in everyday life and saves both you and the customer time and money.