Newly graduated METRO THERM engineer wins prestigious award

Matteo Caramaschi has just won the Danish Refrigeration and Heat Pump Association's annual award for the best thesis of the year. The thesis on the benefits of using Microbooster heat pumps in district heating installations was written in close collaboration with METRO THERM.

"It was definitely a great day," Matteo Caramaschi says of the 4th Symposium on Advances in Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology, held at the Odense Congress Center in November. Here, the newly graduated civil engineer went home with the Danish Refrigeration and Heat Pump Association's award for the best thesis of the year - a project that shows the way to pioneering new technologies in the district heating field.

Matteo Caramaschi has analysed the economic and energy-technical perspectives of using heat pumps to produce domestic hot water in consumers in a district heating network with low flow temperatures. He made his project in close collaboration with METRO THERM’s development manager Kasper Korsholm Østergaard as one of his supervisors. The results of the project show that both consumers and society in general can achieve significant cost savings by using heat pumps and district heating at the same time.

Matteo Caramaschi

Proof of the value of brand new technologies

In short, Matteo Caramaschi's award-winning master's thesis is about the possibility of using Microbooster heat pumps to support district heating with low flow temperatures. He has proven that there are great economic benefits to such a technology and still can achieve high enough temperatures at the consumer’s end to avert growth of bacteria such as legionella.

“The results are really exciting,” he says. “Microbooster heat pumps are a whole new technology with many possibilities that open up completely new doors for district heating plants. I have worked with analyses and test installations in a building project in Copenhagen, and the results are quite clear and very promising. "

Important synergies on the way

Since his graduation, Matteo Caramaschi has been employed by METRO THERM as a development engineer, where he primarily works with the development of future heat pump technologies. He hails from Italy, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering. He has since studied in both China and Australia before coming to Lyngby to complete his master's degree in close collaboration with METRO THERM.

Development Manager Kasper Korsholm Østergaard says: “We are very happyon Matteo's behalf, but not really surprised that he won. His project is impressively visionary and shows that there are benefits to thinking differently when it comes to district heating. We can see great potential in cultivating the synergy between different traditional forms of supply, so it is also an important project for us. ”

Collaboration with universities

The project can also be seen as part of the development of several future business concepts for METRO THERM - and as a starting point for further cooperation between DTU Mechanics and METRO THERM.

"We always work closely with the research world," says Kasper Korsholm Østergaard. “We take advantage of technological advances and integrate new knowledge into the products, so that consumers' everyday lives become easier. Matteo's project is proof that this is the right way to go. "

In addition to the honor and DKK 2500, Matteo Caramaschi will be given the opportunity to present his findings in a scientific article.