METRO THERM supports Red Cross' Christmas Aid

METRO THERM supports the Danish Red Cross' Christmas Aid, a programme which aids families in need during the holidays.

The current economic situation affects us all of us. Our fuel and energy bills have skyrocketed and every time we go to the supermarket, we get less and less in our shopping cart for the same amount of money. And now, Christmas is around the corner and the holidays will probably be a much costlier affair than what we are used to.

For a lot of families, especially those who already struggling financially, Christmas this year isn't something to look forward to. With an already limited budget, they struggle to find the money for things that the rest of us take for granted during the holidays - food, a Christmas tree and presents.

Red Cross Christmas Aid

The Danish Red Cross' Christmas Aid gives the most vulnerable families a chance to celebrate Christmas without having to worry about their finances. The thousands of families that receive Christmas Aid gets either a "care package" with Christmas food or a gift certificate for the COOP supermarket chain, as well as presents for their children. Last year, 15.000 families applied for help and the Red Cross expects this number to be even higher this year.

METRO THERM supports the Red Cross' mission to give every child in Denmark a merry Christmas - and you can do the same. Visit the Danish Red Cross' website to donate. And remember: even a small contribution can make a huge difference for a family in need.